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Friday, November 17, 2006

Bicycling sound systems

Image of Sony SFR-M37V FM/AM/Weather/TV
Why should motorists be the only ones with audio entertainment as they travel? Over the years, there have been manufacturers producing bicycle radios, such as those sold by Sunrise Cyclery, Bicycle Revolution, or Active Tunes. Often these include horns or lights. I haven't been very impressed by the sound quality of any of them, plus they take up scarce handlebar space. I also think riding with a high-volume speaker is possibly dangerous and also kind of inconsiderate. Maybe the pedestrians you pass aren't as enthusiastic about Rufus as you might be.

In most states, it is legal to listen to a portable audio device, as long as you use only one ear. There are a number of earphones or earbuds that work with helmet straps, including my favorite, the Sony MDR-J10headphones. I suggest that you keep your left (traffic side) ear open, to hear approaching traffic, sirens, screaming pedestrians, fast approaching dogs.

Most days I bicycle with my Ipod, having downloaded audio programming from various sources. Some days--say, if there's a baseball game on during my ride home--I use my Sony SFR-M37V FM/AM/Weather/TV radio (pictured above). Reception is very good, it's durable, lightweight, clips on a belt or fits easily in a pocket, features button lock-out, and is reasonably inexpensive. Don't use the headphones it comes with, shown in the picture. It works with any earbuds or earphones you might already have.

Boogie while you bike!

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Jill Homer said...

Weatherband is the best part of that radio. It's saved me from a couple of good thunderstorms.