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Thursday, November 30, 2006

So, like, who's Jim Morrison?

Image of sticker on bike rack at Rainbow Grocery in San FranciscoPhotographer Jym Dyer writes: "A sticker somebody made and put on the bike racks at Rainbow Grocery: 'Warning to Bicyclists: Getting Doored by a Car May Result in you Joining Jim Morrison. Check Windows and Car Mirror for Occupants as you Pass.' Scrawled in pen underneath, 'Yeah right! Better: Don't ride in the door zone!'"

Of course, many younger cyclists locking up will ask: Who's Jim Morrison? "Dunno, wasn't he that guy on 'Scrubs' or somethin'?" No, you're thinking of the dude who played with Dave Matthews Band. "Yeah, maybe."

C'mon baby light my fire, yeah!

Image: Jym Dyer. Of course, Rainbow Grocery pales in comparison to the Davis Food Co-op, in the cycling capital of North America, Davis, California.
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