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Friday, November 17, 2006

Get on your bikes, the green Prince of Wales tells staff

Bicycles parked in London
From the Telegraph, 11.16.06:
"The Prince of Wales is urging his staff to help fight global warming by providing bicycles for them to make short trips around the capital instead of taking cars or cabs. As part of a new 'bicycling to work' scheme, bikes are available at Clarence House for staff to borrow rather than using gas-guzzling cars."

Being a committed small "d" democrat more inclined to Jacobinism, I'm not generally a fan of royalty. However, Britain's Prince Charles is a committed organic farmer and the UK's most prominent environmentalist. My wife, Marianne, born in Uxbridge and holder of a British passport, will take pride in this environmental initiative from the Prince of Wales.

It will be a great day for American bike commuters when the U.S. government finally takes global warming seriously. Maybe then we'll get a fair share of federal transportation investment.

Image: Bikes parked in London, photo by Rob Norwood

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