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Friday, November 17, 2006

Clean-up made easy with latex

Image of latex glovesImagine. You pull over to change a flat tire. Reaching into your pannier or the back pocket of your jersey, you pull out the most critical item needed for the repair: latex surgical gloves. Your cycling pals make jokes about prostate exams as you snap them on.

You make your repair, set up your inflated tire, and put your wheel back on your bike. You roll off your latex gloves inside out, containing the dirt and grease neatly, and put the soiled gloves into your pocket or pannier, because you are a conscientious cyclist and don't litter. "I'm cleaned up, ready to go," you state, as your pals' chuckles turn into amazement. That's smart, they say. You smile.

It's a drag if you have to make a dirty repair (tire change, chain link repair, etc.) out on the road, far from a washroom sink and degreasing soap. Latex gloves make clean-up a snap. I carry a pair on all cycling outings, usually in a small plastic prescription bottle. They are inexpensive and available at most local drug stores; get the ones without powder.

Image: Web capture.
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