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Tuesday, November 14, 2006

Connecticut bike commuters on Tee-Vee

Image of female bike commuter from WTNH in Connecticut
"Some of the biggest complaints we've heard about commuting are that traffic is too bad, gas costs too much, trains are too crowded and the commute takes so long people don't have time to go to the gym and exercise. But a growing number of bicycle commuters have solved all those problems by switching from four wheels to two. (Hamden-WTNH, Nov. 14, 2006 6:25 AM)"

This video report on WTNH features several lucky bike commuters in Connecticut riding through beautiful New England fall foliage. Lucky folks. Makes this native Red Sox fan homesick. It also seems that intermodal access is an issue for these bicyclists, especially on trains. The lame excuses offered by the bureaucrats interviewed for this WTNH-TV report are familiar to all of us who were intermodal bike commuters a decade ago on CalTrain between San Francisco and San Jose.

Caltrain was "persuaded" with vigorous effort to provide better access for bicyclists. And today it's a national model for intermodal bike commuting. The most exciting recent development is the new "bike depot" now under construction at the San Francisco Caltrain Station, which will provide bike parking, maintenance, accessories, and information.



Yokota Fritz said...

Bikes + public transit is such a perfect mix.

Anonymous said...

Funny how transportation bureuacrats are always pushing for more parking spaces at commuter rail stations, but when it comes to creating bike-friendly facilities, it's "no can do."

Bike Worker

Richard Stowe said...

HI Paul,
Just found your post. I initiated the bikes on trains campaign in Connecticut after moving from Los Altos, where I commuted by Caltrain with bike between the Silicon Valley and San Francisco .
I appeared in that WTNH story as a cyclist advocating for peak hour access to Metro-North and bike parking on trains. I was riding the "red" racing bike.
Richard Stowe
(203) 594-9097