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Tuesday, November 07, 2006

Cycling Humor: Campagnolo bottom bracket

Image of Campagnolo bottom bracketSomewhere in Washington, a talented marketing pro (or political consultant?) is selling his surplus cycing supplies. From Craigslist in Washington, DC:

() NEW Campagnolo Bottom Bracket [total chick magnet] ()
Date: 2006-09-27, 12:31PM EDT

You're riding down 18th street on a cool fall afternoon. You notice all the women aged 21-35 are standing along the sidewalk, all staring at you. As you stop for a red light, one approaches:

HER: Pardon me, is that a Campagnolo bottom bracket?
YOU: Why yes... it is.
HER: [blushes] Wow, you must be a man of true discernment... tell me big boy, how big IS it?
YOU: 111mm.
HER: [stammers, begins to twitch] E-english threaded?
YOU: ENGLISH threaded...
HER: [tearing off clothes] YOU TOTAL HUNK OF A MAN, TAKE ME NOW!!!!
YOU: [under your breath] Thanks, craigslist!!

Seriously dudes, it could happen to you. This thing is BRAND-FREAKING-NEW! Reduced price!

* this is in or around Columbia Heights/Petworth


To understand the reverence some cyclists have for Campagnolo, see:
Sheldon Brown Bike Glossary
Image: Campagnolo Chorus bottom bracket
Tip of the Campy cap to Bob Debarge of Portland, OR.

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1 comment:

Anonymous said...

You laugh, but my friend Nick met his wife this way, though in his case it was his Campy seat post that lured the lady.