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Monday, May 14, 2007

Bike commuters trade four wheels for two

Image of Austin bike commuter Katy KappelFrom the American Statesman (Austin), 05.14.07:

To hear the city's bicycle commuters tell it, rush hour ranks right up there with recess. They trade a tank of gas for a topped-off water bottle, stuff a change of clothes into a backpack, and launch an urban adventure whenever they head to work.

Their commutes are short or long, hilly or flat, and cover points north, south, east and west. They do it to save gas or protect the environment, to stay fit or just to have fun. Some have no other means of transportation.

Sometimes, it's inconvenient. There's that whole where-to-shower quandary and the often-confusing puzzle of what's the safestroute to take. Forgetting things isn't advised. (Read more, includes podcast.)
This an extensive and informative article, featuring interviews with several of the Austin region's bike commuters. Why do you stick with it? "I notice things: the flowers where the houses that used to be are not any more. You just see everything more when you're on a bike."

Image: Austin American Statesman. Austin bike commuter Katy Kappel.
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1 comment:

Yokota Fritz said...

I like that opening sentence, emphasizing the fun of cycling rather than the daredevil fear-mongering nonsense that usually dominates this kind of coverage.