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Friday, May 11, 2007

More Bike Month press coverage

National Bike Month continues to generate significant press coverage, all across the country. Lots of encouragement for bicyclists; lots of awareness-raising for motorists. The rising cost of gas makes a frequent appearance in articles as a motivator. If only writers would stop with the tired "10-speed" cliche every time they want to suggest how quaint bike commuting is. They only succeed in showing their age.

From (Portland, ME), 05.11.07:
As gas prices rise, more turn to 2 wheels (Read more.)

From Concord Monitor (New Hampshire), 05.11.07:
Burn calories, not gas: Bike to Work month under way (Read more.)
A hopeful and encouraging article; takes on the most frequent excuses for not trying bike commuting.

From New West (Bozeman, Montana), 05.11.07:
Bicycling To Work Makes Sense—If You Can Do It
"What I'd really like to see would be an attitude shift that would make bicycling the normal thing to do, not something special,” said (Dave) Baumbauer...member of the Bozeman Bike Advisory Board. "That's how it is elsewhere in the world. Part of it is economics, part of it is terrain, but in the Netherlands, doctors, lawyers and shopkeepers all ride their bikes. The point is that the benefits of biking are not just to the individual. Bikers benefit the users of other vehicles by decreasing congestion and pollution associated with high volumes of traffic. It is better for everyone." (Read more.)

From The Niles Star (Michigan), 05.09.07:
Bicycling's one way to a healthier heart and wallet
Encouraging editorial, seemingly taken from a League of Michigan Bicyclists press release. (Read more.)

From Reston Connection (Virginia), 05.09.07:
This Commute Avoids Traffic: Some local residents bike to work.
"In the age climate change you have to think globally and act locally," said (Bruce) Wright. "This (bike commuting) is one way to act locally. It reduces air pollution, it reduces traffic congestion and it makes for a more livable community." (Read more.)

From Pacifica Tribune (California), 05.09.07:
Spare the air and your gas bill; bike to work next Thursday
"With rise in gas prices and what's going on with environmental awareness, I definitely think this is going to be another eye-opener for people," says Cole Portocarrero, Bike to Work Day coordinator. "Most people get out on a bike and realize how safe, how fun, how good for the health it can be." (Read more.)

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