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Thursday, May 10, 2007

Martha's Vinyard: Bike commuting is fun

From the Vinyard Gazette (Massachusetts), 05.10.07:

It's Cheaper, Greener and Healthier, but Most Bike to Work for Pleasure

"It really pays for itself--especially with (gas) prices like this," said James Miller, transportation planner for the Martha's Vineyard Commission, who commutes to work on a fixed-gear messenger bike.

Even during the coldest winter months, Mr. Miller rides to work about nine days out of ten. He said he does it because it's fun, and wouldn't trade in his bike even if cars were completely carbon neutral.

"It's the best part of my day," said Mr. Miller, 38, who has a particularly scenic commute along Beach Road from Edgartown to Oak Bluffs. "Even when it's not a good day to ride, it's still better than driving. No matter what, it beats being stuck in the car for me."

"The Vineyard is a pretty bike-friendly place. Mostly people just make excuses," said (Aida) Dean, 17, who rides her beach-cruiser style bike to school. "It's great that it's good for the environment and everything, but I just really like riding my bike." (Read more.)
Sigh. This Bike to Work article comes from one of my favorite places in my native state of Massachusetts. (Yes, that means I'm a Red Sox fan.)

Image: Vinyard Gazette
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