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Friday, May 25, 2007

Salt Lake: New trail to support bike commuting

Image of mountain biker on trail near Salt Lake CityFrom the Deseret News (Salt Lake City), 05.25.07:

Parleys Trail — Daily bike commute gets a lift
Dea Ann and Randy Cate couldn't be more excited to see work commencing on the Parleys Creek Corridor Trail. Randy Cate commutes to work by bike on the Bonneville Shoreline Trail nearly every day, and Dea Ann commutes during nice weather periods. In addition to safer commuting, the Cates feel the trail will connect neighborhoods.

Dan Fazzini, chair of the Salt Lake County Bicycling Advisory Committee, said the first east/west connector in the valley is good news for bikers. "It will enhance the bicycle transportation available for cyclists in the community," he said. "It can be used for commuting and recreational uses."

(Juan Arce-Larreta, PRATT Coalition co-chair, said:) "Anything we can do to encourage people to get out of their cars and use these relatively safe corridors is crucial." (Read more.)
This article illustrates a useful reality: "recreational" bike facilities always become important bike commuting corridors. One wonders how some "old paradigm" cyclists might spin this particular trail--connecting a gap created by a freeway--as a motorist conspiracy.

Image: Web capture.
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