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Saturday, May 19, 2007

High gas prices yield more bicycling commuters

High gas price cartoonFrom News 14 (Raleigh, NC), 05.19.07:

"I've started riding my bike to anywhere I can, just as much as possible, instead of driving my car," said cyclist Chris Marshall.

Bicycle store owners said good weather helps generate business, but make no mistake, what is happening at the gasoline pump lately is sending more people into their stores.

"In the bicycling world, it means that people are starting to think of it more seriously, and we're getting our little bit of space on the road, maybe," said Cycles De Oro owner Dale Brown. (Read more. Includes video.)

Image: Web capture.
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Tim said...

Interesting piece from North Carolina. Seems like we see this ever time gas prices go up, however, and yet have we really seen a lasting increase in the use of the bicycle as transportation in the US? I'd like to think so, but I'm skeptical.

Thomas said...

I have been biking for the past 19 years. I have biked to San Francisco 19 times, to Gilroy twice, to Half Moon Bay, Santa Cruz, Sunol, Sausalito, and Oakland once each. During my last bike ride to San Francisco, on 1/13/2008, I saw gasoline going for more than $4/gallon in San Mateo. I have never had a car, and do not plan to get one.

Anonymous said...

Don't expect gas prices to go down much if at all. If the prices keep rising, more bicycle users will get on the roads. Except possibly for places with bike paths, one needs to be a daredevil to ride a bike in traffic especially in the suburbs.

Chicago has bike lanes on streets but they do not all interlink yet. Thus, they are not used too much because they must ride with the cars on a major part of most any commuting mission. Cold and snow also deter bike use.

BUT if gas prices go high enough, there is no choice but to find a way to not have to drive for more and more people.