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Saturday, May 12, 2007

Pharmacist advises 2-wheel daily dose for commute

From the Seattle Times, 05.11.07:

Pharmacist advises 2-wheel daily dose for commute
Stuart O'Brochta of Redmond didn't think of himself as a cyclist. Growing up in California, he used his 10-speed bike to get around. After college, he barely touched the bike, save for the occasional hourlong spin around his neighborhood. One morning last April, something shifted.

Before long, O'Brochta, a clinical pharmacist, discovered the prescription for his commute: Take two wheels to work. On using the bike, he said, "My commute is a fun part of my day instead of a drudgery." (Read more.)
The article details several cyclists' participation in the Group Health Commute Challenge, a Bike Month activity to encourage team-building bicycling promotion among work colleagues.

Image: Betty Udesen/Seattle Times, bike commuter Stuart O'Brochta
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