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Friday, May 11, 2007

Nevada cyclists face tough challenge

Image of bicyclist in Carson City, Nevada
From the Reno Gazette-Journal, 05.11.07:

Local Bike to Work Day slowly gets rolling
"We're not doing very well for bikes," said (Anne Macquarie of bike-ped advocacy group Muscle Powered). "It seems like bicycle routes are always the second, third or fourth thing people think about. It's not a priority."

Macquarie said one of the major aims of Bike to Work Day, as well as her group, is to help riders to make themselves visible. The more often motorists encounter bicyclists, the more likely they are to recognize riders as a legitimate force on the road and in the community, she said. "Basically, we want to encourage people to give bike commuting a try," she said. "Once you get out there, it's really great."

"Studies show that the more bikes there are on the road, the safer they all are," (Carson City School Board member and bicyclist Barbara Howe) said. "Whether it's safety in numbers or just that drivers aren't surprised to see you, I don't know. Coming from bike-friendly places, I can say that there have been improvements for bicyclists around here. But I also know that Carson City can do better." (Read more.)

Image: Patrick Cummings/Reno Gazette-Journal
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