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Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Bike to Work day succeeds in D.C.

Image of bicyclists repairing a flat
From the Gazette Net (Gaithersburg, MD), 05.23.07:

Cyclists take a spin riding to work
Bike to Work Day participants cite health, environment as main reasons for effort

At least one family made Bike to Work Day a joint venture. Tara McLoughlin and James Garvin stopped at the College Park pit stop for breakfast with their 13-month-old baby, Liam Garvin, before riding to their respective jobs. "It's better for my wallet, better for the environment and better for my waistline," said McLoughlin before strapping a helmeted Liam into a special baby bike seat on her three-wheeler. "And, it's fun." (Read more .)
A few good quotes from local bike commuters, with lots of attention to flat tires.

Image: Gazette Net. Cyclists fix flat at Metro D.C. Bike to Work Day pit stop.
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1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Great, but flats are just one more reason not to ride to work. I've never had a flat in my car while headed to the office. Still, this is what makes bike commuting enjoyable for me-the connection with self, machine, nature.