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Sunday, May 06, 2007

Kansas City cyclists making slow progress

From the Kansas City Star, 05.06.07:

Making KC more bike-friendly
Riding bicycles on streets and trafficways in the Kansas City area can feel like a counter-cultural activity. Exclusive bicycle lanes aren’t popping up across the metro, to be sure. But there are positive signs. Downtown is in the midst of an extreme makeover, and there’s talk of dedicated lanes at least on Interstate 670 overpasses.

Metro buses now have bike carriers. And in recent years officials have installed more bicycle “Share the Road” signs, a positive step, although some drivers interpret the signs as an appeal not to them but to bicycle riders. To wit: Get out of the way.

People who love bikes, love the good they do for the environment and for health, are working to make Kansas City more bike-friendly. Here’s just one thought: Can some TLC embolden more cyclists to take to the streets? (Read more.)
The article describes the efforts of Kansas City bicyclists to recruit people through a "Bike Escorts" program, matching experienced riders with prospective bike commuters. Also includes some helpful "how to" items, and info on local bicycling resources.

Image: Kansas City Star.
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