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Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Health, fun top bike commuting poll

Image of poll results sampling bike commutersRegular readers of this blog will be relieved to know that I've terminated my first poll, from a free provider that intruded with abundant pop-up ads.

The results appear above. It's not scientific by any means, dependent as it was on self-selection. However, the results are somewhat surprising. Health is not surprising as a popular motivation. But fun is a close second. My theory is that many bike commuters may begin cycling because of cost, environmental, or convenience motivations. But they persist as bike commuters because they discover it's fun! If this poll, conducted over the first two weeks of May has any validity, then cycling advocates might want to elevate fun in their polemic arsenal.

A note on the pop-ups: I received no revenue from these annoying intrusions. Any minimal revenue generated from the Google ads and Amazon affiliate links, after covering domain registration and site hosting costs, is largely reinvested in bicycling through contributions to organizations such as the San Francisco Bicycle Coalition, Sacramento Area Bicycle Advocates, League of American Bicyclists, and others.

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Yokota Fritz said...

My strong suspicioun is that most bike commuters bike to work because they simply enjoy riding a bike. I was a little surprised, in fact, to find people who don't really enjoy biking but do it anyway for the "right" reasons.