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Sunday, May 13, 2007

Chico gears for Bike to Work week

Image of bicyclist with dog near Chico, CaliforniaFrom the Oroville Mercury Register, 05.13.07:

Never may the time be so perfect to promote commuting to work by bicycle. With local gas prices pushing $3.40 a gallon, experts are in a whir about air pollution, childhood and adulthood obesity, and global warming.

Local Chico Velo Cycling Club is doing its share to make people consider alternatives. This week is Bike to Work Week, and that's exactly what Chico Velo hopes people will do.

"I have to think that (bike commuting) by this community is increasing, especially by students. The price of gas has got to take the wind of (drivers') sails," said Ed McLaughlin, head of Chico Velo. (Read more.)
When I was executive director of the California Bicycle Coalition, I had the pleasure of presenting the city of Chico with its Bicycle Friendly Community award. It's a great bike town, with an active bicycling community enjoying riding in the scenic region.

Image: Chico Gino. Bicyclist with companion near Chico, California.
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